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To become a member of the Patrick R. Cleburne Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #1433, e-mail us your name, contact information, and the name of your Confederate Ancestor and his relationship to you. You may claim an ancestor from either direct or collateral lineage. If you need help locating an ancestor, our membership and recruiting folks can help you locate one.

Once you have located a Confederate ancestor, you may then CLICK HERE to downlaod and complete the official application. Do not forget to read the dues schedule below, as membership dues vary, depending on the month a member joins or reinstates:

The SCV operates on a fiscal year (not calendar) beginning August 1st of one year and going through July 31st of the following year. The current fiscal year, August 1, 2010 through July 31, 2011, which will be shown as status 2010 on your roster, and it means the member’s dues are paid through July 31, 2011. Additionally, there is a 3 month grace period from August 1st through November 1st when members are still current while camps work to collect the annual dues for the next fiscal year. Dues submissions postmarked after November 1st of each year are subject to a $5 late fee in addition to the normal $30 dues. This extra $5 fee also applies to all delinquent members wishing to reinstate.

Below is the schedule of pro-rated dues (amounts include Division and Camp dues):

If a member joins in February, March, or April- $61.00 (member will be current through the next fiscal year)

If a member joins in May, June, or July- 53.50 (member will be current through the next fiscal year)

If you would like to join, but do not have a Confederate Ancestor, then you may join as a Friend of the SCV. To download the Friends of the SCV applcation, click here.

Patrick Cleburne SCV Camp #1433

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White Hall, Arkansas 71602

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May 9-10, 2014

Arkansas In The Civil War

(Click picture above to go to Fort Lincoln's Facebook page! )

Confederate Memorial Park- Helena, AR

Arkansas In The Civil War

(click on picture for full size)

Because of the valiant support of dedicated individuals across the globe, the money has been raised for the purchase of Confederate Memorial Park in Helena, Arkansas.

We have taken a rare opportunity for the Sons of Confederate Veterans to own a core piece of battlefield and made it a reality! Located in Helena, Arkansas directly across from Fort Curtis and to the side of a Civil War era home (Moore-Hornor Home), both properties of which are maintained by the State of Arkansas (Delta Cultural Center) is approximately an acre of core battlefield that backs up to the site where General Price's troops made an attack on Fort Curtis on July 4, 1863.

On March 15, 2013 the General Executive Committee of the Sons of Confederate Veterans met in Biloxi, MS. At this meeting it was decided that the property will be donated to the SCV- This is a much-needed heritage victory in the Delta!

Your support is greatly needed!
Mail a check or money order today to:

Seven Generals Camp #135
PO Box 409
Helena, AR 72342

Your donation is tax-deductable!

Your donations are welcome for the maintenance of the property! Donate today!

ALL donations are tax-deductible!

The Arkansas Toothpick is the largest repository of Arkansas Civil War history and heritage. Observing the 150th Anniversary of the War Between the States is a task that the Toothpick does not take lightly, as we have posted original and exclusive articles on events in Arkansas on a weekly and chronological basis since 2010 (150 years after 1860). The purpose of the "150 Years Ago..." articles, written and researched by Ron Kelley and Don Roth, is to give a true reflection of the political, martial, and other aspects of Arkansas history leading up to and through the American Civil War.

The Arkansas Toothpick began over 25 years ago as a monthly hand-typed newsletter of the Spns of Confederate Veterans' Patrick R. Cleburne Camp #1433 in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. As the technology became available, the Toothpick was made available for the first time on the World Wide Web. Since, it's online presence has been overwhelming in the number of visitors searching our archives for a multitude of various topics.

Boasting of over ONE MILLION visitors, the Arkansas Toothpick has serves as a Civil War hub for historians and the general public. Our FACEBOOK page has nearly 1,000 FB Friends and counting, complete with live updates of

Arkansas Toothpick on Facebook

Professional Geneologist

If you are looking for information on your ancestors or want to locate a lost relative and need a professional geneologist, the Arkansastoothpick reccomends:
Crystal Truman Batson
1120 Montana Dr
Pine Bluff, AR 72079
(870) 329-3264


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