If you would like to become a Civil War reenactor and are at least 14 years old, email us at info@arkansastoothpick.com. We offer reenacting training on Civil War battlefields, including muskets, cannons, and signal corps. There are no dues and participation is completely free and open to everyone. If you are female and wish to become a living historian, we have programs for you as well.

To become a member of the Seven Generals Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp #135, e-mail us your name, contact information, and the name of your Confederate Ancestor and his relationship to you. You may claim an ancestor from either direct or collateral lineage. If you need help locating an ancestor, our membership and recruiting folks can help you locate one.

Once you have located a Confederate ancestor, you may then CLICK HERE to downlaod and complete the official application.

If you would like to join, but do not have a Confederate Ancestor, then you may join as a Friend of the SCV. To download the Friends of the SCV applcation, click here.

Seven Generals Camp #135

PO Box 409

Helena, Arkansas 72342


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