The Civil War Hub of ArkansasLieutenant Grove from the Pine Bluff garrison sent a scouting expedition on October 3 toward Mount Elba. While on his scouting mission the command captured a Confederate lieutenant and eight soldiers who was reported to belong to Major’s Texas brigade whao was then stationed at Mount Elba and Chowning’s Ferry. Powell Clayton wrote to Steele in his report that Lieutenant Grove reported, “Major’s brigade had orders to cross the Saline to-day, but failed to do so on account of the rain.” He continued, “A portion of the command at Monticello crossed to Warren yesterday.”

Clayton then told Steele that Grove’s information obtained from his scout did not contradict earlier info sent toe Steele earlier in the day. Clayton continued his dispatch to Steele with important intelligence:

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“I think there can be doubt but that the enemy are for some reason changing their base. If we had the cavalry re-enforcements have now I think we might strike them a timely blow. In case the Saline should rise and hinder their crossing we may do so as it is. I expect a man in from the Saline to-morrow, from whom we can obtain further information. It may be that more can be accomplished by striking first for Mount Elba and then by going direct for Monticello.”
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