The Civil War Hub of ArkansasOn August 23, 1862 Union correspondence from Colonel Clark Wright wrote to Brigadier-General; E.B. Brown, commanding the Southwest Division, “Hindman has at Little Rock and Arkansas Valley, now drilling, 25,000 men.” His dispatch concluded, “There is no doubt but the rebel troops west of the Mississippi will be compelled to come north for subsistence…Texan and Arkansas cannot feed an army, and it will require a heavy force to keep them out [of Missouri].”

The Federal army was also on an expedition from Helena, down the Mississippi and back up the Yazoo River. The expedition lasted from August 16-27, 1862.

On this date in 1863 there were actions at Pocahontas and a skirmish at Fayetteville.

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The James Ginnett Collection has the following information for August 23, 1864:

-Jefferson Holt, from Ashley County, Illinois served in Company D of the 13th Illinois Cavalry Regiment. He died on this date in Pine Bluff.

-Alonzo Verill, aged 33 years old, was born in Vermont and died at Pine Bluff. He enlisted on October 16, 1861 and deserted in the same year. He returned to service in June 1864 when he served in Company F of the 3rd Minnesota Infantry.

-John Lind, aged 18, was born in Sweden and lived in St. Peter (Nicoliet County Minnesota) He mustered in Company B of the 3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment.

-Private Anderson Moore served in Company I of the 5th Kansas Cavalry. He died on this date in Pine Bluff.

-1st Lt. Andrew Fyfe served in Company I of the 5th Kansas Cavalry Regiment. He was discharged for a disability on this date.

-Roland H. Sprouse, from Fayette County, Illinois, served in Company E of the 62nd Illinois Infantry Regiment. He died on this date in Pine Bluff.

Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas

Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas

-Freeman Knowlton, Thomas Waldren, and Peter S. Waldren, all of which were from Hebron, Wisconsin, enlisted in Company E of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment.

-Charles H. Simpson from Whitewater, Wisconsin, died of disease at Pine Bluff.

-2nd Lt. A.C. Allen from Stuneman’s Cavalry was captured near Pine Bluff and was imprisoned in Little Rock September 1, 1864. He served originally in Co. F of 1st (Monroe’s) Arkansas Cavalry. He was released November 17, 1864.

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