The Civil War Hub of ArkansasOn august 22, 1861, Governor of Arkansas Henry Massie Rector wrote to L.P. Walker notifying him of a few things going on with the formation and movement of military units in the state. He begins by telling Walker that the 14th Arkansas Infantry Regiment is now at Yellville. The 14th Arkansas, according to Rector, was, “one of the regiments transferred to General Hardee by agreement with Gibson P. Johnson, as agent of the Department.” Rector continues, “We understand that General Hardee does not wish to receive it.”

The confused governor relates that General Polk, “has dispatched us, requesting the regiment included in the agreement with Mr. Johnson, but the regiment at Yellville is too distant en route to send him with any convenience.”

Governor Rector tells Walker, “General Hardee has ordered the troops first transferred to him from the northwest of the State to headquarters.” He warns, “This leaves McMulloch’s command small, and but a portion of the State most liable to assault not well defended.” Rector concluded his dispatch asking Walker if he would send this regiment, the 14th Arkansas, to McCulloch.
Also on this date in 1863, there was a military action at Pocahontas and a skirmish in Yell County on this date in 1864.

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Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas

Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas

The James Ginnett Collection included a few entries for August 22, 1864:

-Joshua M. Morris served in Company H of the 13th Illinois Cavalry Regiment. He died on this date in Pine Bluff

-2nd Lieutenant Samuel M. Ewing served in Company K and was promoted to 1st Lt. of the 126th Illinois Infantry Regiment.

-1st Lt. James W. McDonald in Company K of the 126th Illinois Infantry Regiment resigned.

-Jeremiah Sullivan from Troy, Michigan, served in Company I of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment. He died of disease at Pine Bluff.

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According to Report Number 17 in the chapter on the “Advance Upon Little Rock” in the Official Records, the itinerary of the First Brigade, Second Division, under the command of Colonel William H. Graves, began on August 1, 1864 and the last entry was on September 10, 1864. The following dates are included in his report: August 1, August 6, August 8, August 1317, August 22, August 24, September 1, September 2, September 6, September 7, September 10.

In today’s section of the itinerary, he notes that his command crossed the White River.

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Military actions in this “Today in Arkansas During the Civil War” column can be traced better using the Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas. You can trace the same roads they walked in many cases in this atlas. You can find obscure references to communities mentioned in Civil War records that can be located in this atlas. Civil War Arkansas: A Military Atlas is the perfect companion book for this “Today in History” series.

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