The Civil War Hub of ArkansasOn August 19, 1861, Henry Halleck was promoted to Major General. Though he was not in Arkansas at that time, he would find himself in command of Federal forces in Arkansas by mid-war.

On this date in 1862 the Federal army was on an expedition from Helena, down Mississippi and up Yazoo River (August 16-27).

On this date in 1864, the Federal army was on day five of ten of operations in North West Arkansas and South West Missouri.

The James Ginnett Collection included the following from Pine Bluff from August 19, 1864:

-Daniel B. Smith, aged 34 and born in New York, died at Pine Bluff. He served in Company C of the 3rd Minnesota Infantry Regiment.

-First Sergeant Dennis Forrester from Company K of the 5th Kansas Cavalry Regiment, was discharged for a disability at St. Louis

-William Maynard, from Whitewater, Wisconsin, enlisted in Company C of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment.

-Horace Bigelow, from Sugar Creek, Wisconsin, enlisted in Company E of the 28th Wisconsin Infantry Regiment.

-Mathias J. Sargeant, from Rockport, Indiana, died in Pine Bluff. He served in Company A (reorganized) of the 1st Indiana Cavalry Regiment.

Interestingly on this date in 1864, President Abraham Lincoln met with abolitionist and former slave Fredrick Douglas. Lincoln was looking ahead asking Douglas for help in relocating slaves north in the event the north was unsuccessful in winning the war.

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