Living History opportunities in Helena, AR

Living History opportunities in Helena, AR

The folks in Helena are steadily preparing for hundreds of Civil War buffs that will pour off the American Queen steamboat from all over the globe. There will be tour guides stationed all over town at several Civil War sites, museums, and even shops will be open for business from 8am-noon June 19 in historic downtown Helena.

With all the guides in place on historic sites, it will be the perfect day to bring the family to celebrate Father’s Day at the site of the July 4, 1863 battle. Fort Curtis will be manned with two full scale artillery pieces, including a ten-pounder Parrot Rifle and a three inch ord. rifle, both of which will have limbers and a full crew to fire them. Artillery shells will be on display in the fort for interpretation. Also at Fort Curtis will be a few infantrymen and perhaps a few cavalry will make their entry at some point throughout the day.

Battery C will be manned with Confederate soldiers and will include an interpretation of the Confederate charge about that occurred the morning of July 4, 1863. Battery C overlooks historic Helena and you can see 20 miles into Mississippi from the hilltop fort.

The Confederate Cemetery is also on the tour. The cemetery is where over one hundred Confederates are buried, including the remains of Major General Patrick Cleburne.

Freedom Park is also on the tour and will be a great place to visit Sunday. It is the site where over 2000 slaves were f reed in June 1862. It tells the entire story of the freedom process from 1862 through the battle of Helena in mid 1863. It is on the National Parks Service’s National Undergound Railroad and Network to Freedom and is a must-see.

For more info, email All sites will be open and there is no charge for visiting them. Wear comfortable clothing and come on over and enjoy Father’s Day like never before.