Arkansas in the Civil War: 1861

Arkansas in the Civil War: 1861

Arkansas in the Civil War: 1861 contains over 200 pages of primary source documents that, for the first time ever, tell the whole story of the Civil War in Arkansas from both sides using their own words. Some documents are in print for the very first time, including letters, official correspondence, historical accounts of battles, newspaper editorials, and much more. It took over a decade to compile the documents that help tell the story of Arkansas the first year of the Civil War.

This book uncovers the truth behind the Little Rock Arsenal Crisis and exposes a rather interesting conspiracy that ran as high as the U.S. Congress. Arkansas saw military action as early as January, 1861 while Fort Sumter was fired on as late as April. This book tells of the proceedings of both the March and May Secession Conventions in Little Rock. It includes numerous flag presentations to Confederate soldiers from Arkansas, and generally the story that as never been told about Arkansas in the Civil War.

Don’t forget to order Diary of a State: 1860 as well, which tells the story in a like manner the year before Arkansas left the Union. Proceeds from all book sales will go to help preserve historic sites and battlefield in Helena, Arkansas.

-Complete list of Arkansas lawmakers (U.S. and General Assembly)
-Content index
-official militia dispatches
-legal documents, including proclamations, resolutions, and ordinances (including the Ordinance of Secession) -poetry
-flag presentations to military units
-proceedings of the secession conventions (March and May)
-official reports of military actions
-19th century humor -announcements
-over 200 pages of primary source documents in chronological order for the first time ever in print from both sides of the conflict

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