Battle of Helena Battery CBattery C park in Helena is unique. As a part of the Civil War Helena interpretative initiatives, the use of public art is one of the trademarks of the program. These soldiers are solid reminders of the men who attacked and defended the Union artillery battery situated 100 feet above historic downtown Helena. This winter shot of the park shows the interpretative placing of the soldiers as well. The men attacking the hill-top fort are angled to portray Parson’s Missourians; Parson’s was on the right flank of General Price’s advance onto the battery. The lone union defended portrayed in the photo would represent either the 33rd Iowa and/or the 33rd Missouri (US).

These public works of art will be hidden from view during the March 14, 1015 Battle of Helena reenactment, as part of the historic scenario will have US and CSA reenactors slugging it out on this site. More detailed closeups of these soldiers will be posted soon on the Arkansas Toothpick.

Battery C Park, maintained by the Delta Cultural Center, is open daily from 9am-5pm.