Battle of Helena interpretation (Battery C) - A Short-Lived Confederate VictoryFollowing two unsuccessful charges on the Union works on Battery C during the Battle of Helena, General Price was able to secure the high ground for the Confederates. This marker faces west, the direction from which the Confederates attacked. The iron soldiers you see in the photo represent the Rebs that come from out of the tree line you see in the distance. All you see in this photo is hallowed ground.

Following is the text on one of the interpretative panels in Battery C park. This will be reenacted on March 14, 2015.

A Short-Lived Confederate Victory

The Confederates Take Battery C
“Both brigades moved forward on the instant, rapidly, steadily, unflinchingly, and in perfect order under a storm of Minie balls, grape, and canister, which poured upon them not only from the Graveyard Hill in their front but from the fortified hills upon the right and left, both of which were in easy range. The enemy gave way before the impetuous assault of the attacking columns, which entering the works almost simultaneously, planted the Confederate flag upon the summit of Graveyard Hill.”
Thus did Confederate General Sterling Price describe the assault on Battery C.

The Federals Retaliate
Captain Thomas Stevens, 28th Wisconsin, watched from Battery B as the Confederates “…hauled down our flag…” As 3,000 Confederate troops rejoiced, at least four generals stood atop Battery C eyeing the prize- Helena. Victory seemed within their grasp. Suddenly, the guns at Fort Curtis, the U.S.S. Tyler and Batteries B and D unleashed a hail of shot and shell. The din roared in the ears of the Confederates caught in a deadly crossfire.

A Union Victory on the 4th of July
The Confederate commander, General Theophilus Holmes, arrived amid the confusion. Bypassing the chain of command, be ordered an attack on Battery D. Chaos reigned as some men marched toward Battery D while most carried out orders to attack Fort Curtis. The Confederates displayed a great deal of courage but their effort was futile. Many Confederates lost their lives; more were captured. Holmes ordered a general retreat and soon, the stars and stripes flew again over Battery C.

Battery C Park, maintained by the Delta Cultural Center, is open daily from 9am-5pm.