Battle of Helena (Battery C)Because of the professionalism that the Civil War Helena initiative is associated with, archeologists were brought to the Battery C site to locate the original works. They did it. Here are a couple pictures the Arkansas Toothpick took to show what went into the investigation. Heavy equipment was brought in to do a series of deep trenches. It was from these trenches that Steve Mcbride, pictured, was able to find the original post holes that reinforced the historic battery.

His team was able to locate a few Civil War bullets and other items that were used to construct the historic artillery battery.

The Battery was built by freed slaves. A total of 6 batteries were constructed, but only 4 of them were in use during the battle of Helena on July 4, 1863.

Archeologists were able to locate both. Over the next several posts, we will present photos of the professional investigation of the site.

Arkansas In The Civil War

Battery C Park, maintained by the Delta Cultural Center, is open daily from 9am-5pm.