An Iron Confederate Officer on Battery C: Battle of HelenaThis iron Confederate soldier is seen attacking the works on Battery C atop Graveyard Hill during the July 4, 1863 Battle of Helena. This soldier would have been in Parson’s brigade and would have made his attack from the Confederate right flank. Parson’s and McRae were in General Sterling Price’s division.

According to an Iowan soldier on Battery D, Price finally entered the fight about 8am following several hours of fighting on the extreme south and north flanks of the Union line. Price’s attack was in the middle of the line.

This soldier was among the first in the Civil War Helena initiative that incorporated two distinctly different types of metal in its fabrication. Notice the sword and parts of his pistol are not made of the traditional rusted iron look, but rather a stainless variety.

Battery C Park, maintained by the Delta Cultural Center, is open daily from 9am-5pm.