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Below is an editorial publish on June 1, 1860 in an Arkansas newspaper. This editorial is found on page 8 of “Songs and Poems of Arkansas in the Civil War.”

Dow’s Alphabetical Advice.

A. Always attend your own avocation, avoid ale houses and artful women.

B. Be benevolent but not prodigal, bury all bickerings in the bosom of forgetfulness.

C. Contrive to collect cash and keep it.

D. Do your duty and defy the devil.

E. Early endeavor to eradicate every error, both of head and heart.

F. Fight fairly when you fight; but the better way is not to fight at all. Fiddle for no fool.

G. Grace, goodness, gumption, and a little goose-grease, enable a man to slip through the world mighty easy. Get them and glory in them.

H. Harbor hope in your heart if you would be happy; but hark ye, hope can not sunder nor rot the rope of a hangman.

I. Inquisitiveness is insufferable; indulge not in it.

J. Juleps may be called the juice of joy and the yeast of jest; but let them alone, for too much joking often destroys the joviality of the social circle.

K. Kindness kindles the fire of friendship.  A kiss always avails more than a kick.

L. Love the ladies, look before you leap, eschew loaferism.

M. Make not mischief by meddling with other folks business.

N. Never be caught napping except in the night-time.

O. Order is Heaven’s first law; obey it.

P. Pursue the plain path of probity, and put in practice what you will give in precept.

Q. Quarrel not, quibble not, be not fond of asking questions, nor addicted to queries.

R. Rum ruins respectability; renounce, renew, renovate.

S. Seek salvation; oh, ye sinners! become saints, and ye are safe.

T. Take time by the forelock; try to turn every moment to account.

U. Union unites unity; in the whole universe there is unison; be you therefore united for the sake of unison.

V. Vanity has connection with valor, remember that.

W. Women and wine bring want, woe, and wretchedness, when wickedly indulged in.

X. ‘Xtra ‘xertions accomplish ‘xtraordinary ends.

Y. Yield to no tyrants; yeomen and their yoke-fellows are lords of the soil.

Z. Zig-zaging is characteristic of a zany; take a straight course through life, and zealously pursue it.