Arkansas In The Civil WarThroughout the Civil War, many expeditions and scouts were sent from Helena to scout the surrounding countryside for enemy locations, for food, and for general geography scouting. Such a scout left Helena on September 22, 1864 and returned on the 28th. The unit charged with this expedition was the 60th U.S.C.T.

Having left Helena, the unit patrolled roads and bayous for signs of the enemy. Few were found as deserters who could not keep up with the fast-moving Confederate forces scattered across the Delta. One of the successes of the expedition included the “pressing” of nearly a dozen horses into service for the US army and a few head of cattle were found. Relative peace was starting to settle on the Delta as Confederate forces headed toward Missouri.

Other military actions that occurred in Arkansas this week one hundred and fifty years ago include an expedition from Little Rock to Fort Smith from September 25-October 13; a skirmish at Vache Grass on the 26; an affair at Clarksville on the 28th; and a skirmish at White Oak Creek on the 29th. For a complete list of military actions that occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War, go to