Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, Confederate forces were scattered across the state while the Union army and navy acted and reacted to intelligence reports coming in to Little Rock. In a dispatch sent this week one hundred and fifty years ago, we learn that a concentration of Confederate forces in Monticello was “intended for operation against your lines [in Little Rock] and to cover Price’s operations in Missouri, and the attack is more likely to be made upon Pine Bluff, or, by crossing the Arkansas low down, upon your communications at Devall’s Bluff.”

Monticello during the Civil War was a Confederate hub. Road systems were likened to a proverbial spiderweb coming together in the Drew County seat. Hundreds of men from the area joined Confederate service there and served as a headquarters for several generals throughout the latter part of the war in Arkansas.

Military actions in the state one hundred and fifty years ago include a skirmish at White Oak Creek on the 29th; a skirmish at Hickory Station on October 1; and a scout was sent from Helena to Alligator Bayou from October 1-4. For a complete list of military actions that occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War, go to