Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago the Union Army was preparing for a siege in Pine Bluff while troops movements across the state indicate a military ordeal of constant troop movements. Scouting parties reported to General Steele in Little Rock that General Price was thought to be in the area with J.O. Shelby preparing an attack on Pine Bluff.

The Scouting report noted, “They have a depot at Princeton whence they expect to draw their supplies during the siege of Pine Bluff. Clayton expresses no apprehensions in regard to his situation. He has a good bridge across the Arkansas and is pretty well supplied.” The report continued, “General Canby has ordered Washburn to send troops from Memphis to relieve the command at Saint Charles.”

Meanwhile near Little Rock in the community of Brownsville, Confederate forces kept the Yankees on edge. According to a scout report from central Arkansas, “The country north and south of here is full of rebels, so much so that I am obliged to keep my men along the railroad to prevent its being torn up, and cannot scout as much as I would like to.”