Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago the Confederate and Union forces met on the fields of South West Arkansas. As General Steele’s Yankees attempted to out-maneuver the Confederate forces under the command of General Price, the two armies clashed at Prairie D’Anne.

The Confederate army in South Arkansas was in Camden while Steele was trying to push into the Confederate capitol in Arkansas, then located at Washington. The Confederates had been entrenching for nearly a week when the Union army tried their luck. The engagement area consisted of over thirty miles of rolling Arkansas prairie.

As Confederates left Camden to protect the capitol city in Washington, Steele outflanked Price and headed to the relative and short-lived safety of Camden on April 15. It was here that Steele launched a series of foraging expeditions that culminated into what is now known as the Camden Expedition.

Military actions that took place within the borders of Arkansas this week one hundred and fifty years ago include a skirmish at Roseville and Jenkins Ferry on April 15; skirmishes at Liberty Post Office on April 15-16; an affair at Osage Branch on the 16th; skirmishes at Camden from April 16-18; skirmish at Red Mound and Limestone Valley on the 17th; an engagement at Poison Springs on the 18th; a skirmish at Kings River on the 19th; an attack on Jacksonport and a skirmish near Camden on the 20th; and affairs at Cotton Plant and the Cache River from April 21-22.