Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, General Price and General Marmaduke’s combined force was near Camden at Ten Springs. While the Union Army was a bit nervous with a Confederate buildup in South Arkansas, Pine Bluff was being reinforced with 3-inch artillery pieces to prevent another attack. With Powell Clayton in Pine Bluff, the Union forces reported “Large amounts of corn, cotton, &c.” in the area to sustain a large number of troops.

As General Steele steadily reinforced Little Rock, he noted in a dispatch to
Major General John M. Schofield, “To defend the city by a chain of fortifications would require extensive works and a large force. As soon as the water rises, the line of the Arkansas can be defended by a smaller force than that which I am now employing. Saline River will be a barrier to the rebels on the south, and the “tin-clads” can keep the Lower Arkansas clear.”

A rather lengthy list of military actions occurred this week in Arkansas one hundred and fifty years ago:

November 09 – Skirmish near Huntsville
November10 – Skirmish near Kingston
November10-18 – Expedition from Benton to Mount Ida
November11 – Skirmish, Caddo Gap
November11 – Skirmish, Fourche le Aix Mountains
November12 – Skirmish, Roseville
November13 – Skirmish, Mount Ida
November14-17 – Expedition from Helena
November15 – Skirmish, Newton County