Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, a battle map of Arkansas during October 1863 would have shown skirmishes and military actions from the Missouri border down to the Southern border as Confederate and Federal armies were in a constant state of uneasiness. As the Union military tried to settle in the Trans-Mississippi, the Confederates were in a perpetual state of alert. Just in October alone, there were seventeen military actions throughout the state.

As the Federal encroachment spread throughout the Trans-Mississippi, printing presses were commandeered and put to use spreading Yankee propaganda in hopes of readying the population for eventual readmission to the United States. Below is a fine example from the new paper in Fort Smith of the traitorous ramblings that accompanied Union occupied presses:

“The first of this month was a happy day for the ladies and other citizens of Van Buren.  The ladies of that place made and presented to the 1st Reg’t Ark. Infantry, a large Federal flag, which was elevated to the top of a fine and substantial flag-staff occupying the front yard of the Court House.  The rebels once waved the treasonable ensign of the Confederacy from the same towering shaft; but their first endeavor in this shameful boast of their treason resulted in tearing their flag nearly in twain.  That disaster may be regarded as the omen of ill to the nefarious scheme of destroying the Federal Nationality, for the purpose of rearing on its ruins an aristocracy of the imperious few, who disregard the will and the interests of the laboring many that constitute the bone and sinew of the Arkansian population.”

Below is a list of military actions in October, 1863:

Date: Location:

01 – Skirmish, Elizabethtown
02 – Skirmish, Vance’s Store
06 – Skirmish, Fort Blair, Waldron
07 – Skirmish, Ferry’s Ford
07 – Skirmish, Evening Shade
07-10 – Scout to Spring River Country
10 – Skirmish, Tulip
12 – Affair, McGuire’s
11-14 – Demonstration against Fayetteville
12 – Skirmish, Tulip
24 – Skirmish, Buffalo Mountain
25 – Skirmish, Pine Bluff
26 – Skirmish, St. Francis Road near Helena
26 – Skirmish, Johnson County
27 – Skirmish, Tulip
28 – Skirmish, Clarksville
29 – Skirmish, Ozark