Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, both the Confederate and Federal armies were in constant states of alertness. The war thus far has left soldiers and citizens weary and there was no end in sight. Food prices were soaring, supply routes had been shut down across the South, and Arkansas was not fairing very well. Following a busy month of fighting and scouting, the war would not slow down in June, 1863.

Throughout June, 1863, there were military actions scattered throughout the state, from Fayetteville in the NW corner to near Lake Village in the SE corner. Following is a list of skirmishes throughout the state in June, 1863:

04 – Skirmish, Fayetteville
11 – Scout to Jacksonport
14 – Skirmish, Newton County
15 – Skirmish, Fayetteville
16 – Skirmish, Grand Lake
22 – Skirmish, Bentonville
25 – Skirmish, Madison
28 – Skirmish, Gaine’s Landing