Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, Confederate units in Arkansas were bereft of a national treasury and a budget that allows for the comfort of the soldiers and in many cases units had to raise money through a variety of fund raisers to better equip their troops. In late March, 2013 such was the case in Jefferson County. Jefferson County had been a mustering and training grounds for the Confederate Army in South Arkansas. In this particular case, a concert was announced:

“A concert was given in Jefferson county, Miss., for the benefit of the Jefferson Artillery.—The notice of the concert has the following as the terms: “Admissions $1, or two pairs of socks or gloves—socks preferred.”

Similar to last week’s column, there were many units in Arkansas that hosted contests among their men. While last week’s column reported on Dandridge McRae’s men drilling in a contest, this week’s column focuses on yet another Confederate unit holding the same type of contest:

Yesterday a prize drill came off in Shelby’s brigade. It was exciting and beautiful. The reward for the best drilled company was a three days’ furlough for officers and men. The emulation was high and manly. How proudly the brave veterans bore themselves. These men have learned in battle the importance of drill… The judges who have all seen service east of the Mississippi, remarked that they had never seen a company better drilled than these in any army.”