Arkansas In The Civil WarThe Federal victory at the Battle of Arkansas Post had a devastating effect on the morale of the Confederate citizenry in the state. As Federal occupation was becoming ever more a threat to Little Rock, the demographic shift that resulted would leave South East Arkansas bereft of many of its well-off families. As the Federal threat became apparent in Pine Bluff, many fled with their households and slaves to Texas. This exodus left the community in economic ruin.

The Battle of Arkansas Post was the turning point in the Civil War in Arkansas. Opening the southern half of the Arkansas River to the Federals resulted in less of a Confederate threat to the operation on the Mississippi River. The battle was not without controversy, however.

As the Federal soldiers learned on the Emancipation Proclamation issued only a couple weeks prior, Federal soldiers in Arkansas began deserting their army and turned themselves in by the dozens to the Confederates in Pine Bluff. The reason was simple- they did not join the ranks to fight a war to free the negro; they joined to bring the Union back together.

The dawn of 1863 was getting off to a bad start for the Confederacy in Arkansas. The year, however, would only get worse for Arkansas.