Arkansas In The Civil WarOne hundred and fifty years ago, Arkansas troops under the Confederate commanders Price and Van Dorn fought the Federal forces gathered at the railroad hub of Corinth, Mississippi. On October 3-4, 1862 the Battle of Corinth was very much like the Battle of Shiloh fought back in April, 1862. The Confederates whipped the Yanks the first day, giving out after a hard day’s fighting only to loose their momentum the following morning by reinforcements coming to the aid of the Federal army.

During the fray, the 3rd Arkansas Cavalry lost much of their supplies. In an October 1862 edition of the Arkansas True Democrat, Colonel Sam G. Earle requested help from the people of South Arkansas: “The soldiers of the 3d regiment Arkansas cavalry lost their clothes and blankets in the late battles at Corinth; winter is approaching and they are nearly destitute. Will the noble men and women who so generously supplied our wants last winter do so again?”

By October 1862, the Civil War was general. Every state in the south had been attacked in some fashion or another. Though there were no military actions within the first week to report in Arkansas, by the end of the month, skirmishing will have erupted from Elkhorn Tavern in North Arkansas to Helena situated on the Mississippi River in east Arkansas. The Federal army had not been able to take control of any territory to speak of south of the Arkansas River as of yet, but with the winter approaching, all eyes were on Arkansas Post.