Arkansas In The Civil WarGun control is not anything new. One hundred and fifty years ago, General Hindman’s issuance of General Order Number 45 noted that “only 100 guns will be allowed to a county for independent companies organized under General Order Number 17.” The order also notes that, “No man will be allowed to keep a gun unless he is a member of an independent company.”If more than 100 guns were found in any county not earmarked for that county’s militia/independent company, surplus firarms were to be relocated to Arkadelphia where the guns would be purchased at a fair market value.

One hundred and fifty years ago saw Arkansas has having been ravaged financially over the past two years. The Federal blockade was proving disastrous to the Southern states and the partial capture of the Mississippi River made communication evermore difficult with the Confederacy east of the River. General Holmes notes in a plea to the ladies of Arkansas to spin as much cotton as possible for blankets and clothing for the soldiers in Arkansas:

“Our army is in urgent need of blankets and clothing of every description, to enable them to withstand the rigor of the approaching winter, as well as to successfully oppose the invaders of our soil, and they can be furnished with but little from the other side of the Mississippi, or by the few manufactories now established in these States.”

Following are two military actions that took place one hundred and fifty years ago in Arkansas:
8-19-1862: Skirmish, Clear Creek
8-28-1862: Expedition from Helena to Eunice (through 3 Sep)