Arkansas In The Civil War150 years ago, the fledgling Confederate Army had become acutely aware of one dire fact: their army was extremely ill-equipped. As appeal after appeal in state and local newspapers over the past several months called for citizens to help supply the Arkansas soldiers, this week one hundred and fifty years ago saw the official genesis of military boards in various counties across the state for the purpose of ensuring the troops were at least clothed for the coming Winter season.

Though the Winter was still a few months distant, the importance of establishing an official board to oversee the distribution of resources to the soldiers was nothing short of paramount. Two counties specifically placed information in the September 5, 1861 Arkansas True Democrat: Jefferson and Pulaski Counties.

The Military Board was established, “for the purpose of procuring clothing for the soldiers, would state that they are ready to receive as donations or to purchase and receipt for any articles suitable for that purpose.”

Regarding the call for Jefferson Countie ladies to step up and continue their efforts in supplying their sons and fathers in War, the same issue as seen in Arkansas True Democrat relayed the mission of the citizens of South Arkansas: “…first to offer upon the shrine of liberty their patriotic devotion, and to encourage the brave soldier as he marches beneath the folds of freedom’s flag, against an infatuated and insulting foe, who would “wipe us from the face of the earth”—who would ruthlessly destroy our homes—will come forward with that interest that has ever characterized the true, noble and generous daughters of our own dear South, and cheerfully bestow the labor of their hands and the sympathy of true and generous hearts in aiding to comfort and warm the brave men who are now fighting our battles, and must soon, very soon, need clothing to protect them from the chilly blasts of a more northern clime.”