On March 5, 2011, the Jacksonport State Park announces an exhibit Opening at the Jacksonport State Park Courthouse. The park invites you to “See the Civil War through the eyes of William E. Bevens, a private from Jackson County.” Below are the times for a series of lectures on Arkansas’ role in the Civil War:

10:00-10:45 – Mark Christ, Community Outreach Director for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program and Author of the award-winning Civil War Arkansas 1863: The Battle for a State.

11:00-11:45 – George Lankford, PHD., Author, President of Independence County, Historical Society and Board Member of the Arkansas Sesquicentennial Commission.

12:00 – 5:00 – Exhibit Open House

For questions please contact:
Angela Jackson
Curator of Collections
Jacksonport State Park
205 Avenue Street
Jacksonport, AR 72075
Phone (870) 523-2143
E-Mail: Angela.Jackson@arkansas.gov

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