The Arkansas Toothpick has made progress in leaps and bounds over the past week in making the “150th” information accessible to over 100,000 readers monthly! The toothpick has been producing articles for the 150th of the Civil War for nearly a year thus far and there are a total of seven newspapers in six counties syndicating the “150 years ago…” column.

The White Hall Journal in Jefferson County is printing an exclusive column on the goings-on in Jefferson County 150 years ago, the newspaper in Dewitt and Stuttgart are both printing Mr. Don Roth’s “150 years ago in Arkansas County” column, the Sheridan Headlight in Grant County as well as the Cleveland County Herald are both syndicating the “150 years ago…” column as well.

The latest addition to the multitude of newspapers that are on board with the information on this website is The Eagle in Warren, Arkansas. Phillips County is also expressing interest as The Arkansas Toothpick and the Delta Cultural Center in Helena, Arkansas are working together with getting news and information out to the public as well regarding the 150th anniversary of the Civil War.

These publications should be commended! It is rare that any publication will print anything associated with the Civil War, but the editors of these newspapers listed above realize the impact on heritage tourism as well as the impact educational columns will have on their subscription sales. Subscription sales add to the taxable income of that county!

If you want your local papers to syndicate the “150 years ago…” column, let us know. The conditions are: syndication of the column is free of charge! The only other condition is that the author be given credit for the work. The columns will appear slightly shorter from now on due to the issue of space limitations of these newspapers.

We are working hard to advertise every event and print all Civil War news from the state of Arkansas. If you know of an event that is not listed or if you know of a local Civil War news story taking place in your town, please e-mail all the information to