150 years ago this week, Arkansas’ neighboring state of Texas appears to be fervently demonstrating her intentions of secession while Arkansas hangs on to her Unionist ideals, for the time being, that is. While states all over the South were preparing and bracing for an imminent conflict with their Northern brothers, Arkansas decided to not act in haste.

All over the state of Arkansas in the months leading to secession, there appeared as early as the Summer of 1860, a certain blue flag hosting a large white star in the middle of the blue field. To the 1860 Arkansan, this flag was known as the “secesh” flag while in December, 1860, this flag was known as the “Lone Star” flag in Texas.

For those wishing to fly era-appropriate flags to commemorate the 150th Anniversary of the Civil War in Arkansas, this blue flag would lend itself the most appropriate until May, 2011, when the 1st National Confederate Flag would be most appropriate. We know this blue flag today as the “Bonnie Blue” flag, “that bears a single star”.

Disunion Demonstration in Texas.—The secession enthusiasm in Texas seems to be at fever heat. If the raising of Lone Star Flags be a reliable indication of the feelings of a majority of Texans, we should say that the feeling of determined resistance to Black Republican rule is spreading throughout the State like a fire in the woods. The following are a few of the localities in which the Lone Star flag has been unfurled to the breeze amid popular acclamations. It will be seen that they are the most populous and wealthy towns in the State: Wharton, Matagorda, Houston, Galveston, Gonzales, Goliad, Port Lavaca, Richmond, Columbus, Brazoria, Lagrange, and Castorville [sic]. Preparations were being made for hoisting the same ensign in San Antonio towards the close of last week.