This week’s column features a very interesting meeting held in the South Arkansas counties of Jefferson and Arkansas Counties. On December 7, a meeting was held to draw up a few resolutions to bring up at the next meeting of Arkansas legislators. The first section of this week’s primary source from the December 20, 1860 issue of the Old Line Democrat, includes a statement about the general attitude of the recent election of Lincoln and it notes the pro-Constitutional stance that the South would become known for:

WHEREAS: The election, by a large majority of the Northern voters of Abraham Lincoln, a determined abolitionist, to the Presidency of the United States, in utter disregard of those fraternal feelings, which should actuate the people of all sections of the country, in their choice of Federal officers, is the culminating wrong of a long series of injuries, to which the South has been called to submit to- a Black Republican triumph of mere numbers, against right, constitutional guarantees and the vital interest of the largest producing portion of the Federal Union, and is a triumph of a party which has never scrupled to declare that its mission is to exterminate slavery and desolate the fairest and most fertile regions of the country, and to substitute their higher laws for the Supreme law of the land, the Constitution upon which this government was constructed;

The resolution continued and mentions two specific threats to the Southern people: John Brown’s Raid and the recent raid into Missouri by Montgomery, both of which has caused much uneasiness in Arkansas in the months leading up to the Civil War. In this source, there were a list of several resolutions drawn up, including one which noted that $500,000 should be earmarked for arming the State of Arkansas, while only days prior, the Governor had noted that the State Treasury only held a little more than a total of $300,000.

AND WHEREAS, The time has come when the States of the South are called upon to provide measures for the effectual protection of their rights, and safety of their persons against the invasion of their Territory by the hords of anti-slavery propagandist who are n ow more emboldened than ever, to carry on their cherished sherades of inciting insurrections and servile war; the first practical fruits of their principals was the John Brown raid in Virginia, now followed by the Montgomery raid into sister state Missouri- murdering the peaceful citizens for no other cause than they are owners of slaves, and threatening our own State of Arkansas, we are called upon, unmistakably the signs of the times, to provide for our own safety, even if in so doing, we should pressure a hostile front to the aggressive States of the North.