As recorded earlier in a May 28th article in Little Rock, Arkansas, there was a large sale of military surplus items at the Little Rock Arsenal ranging from percussion caps to hundreds of various firearms. Because hostilities had yet to flare between the Federal Government and the Southern States, this sale of military items was nothing short of normal for the day.

This week’s “150 Years Ago…” column relates that Mr. John Collins had published an adverstisement in the June 23, 1860 issue of the Weekly Arkansas Gazette noting that he had purchased 150 muskets and were selling them:

[LITTLE ROCK] WEEKLY ARKANSAS GAZETTE, June 23, 1860, p. 3, c. 1

Muskets! Muskets!

One hundred and fifty U. S. Muskets, just purchased at a recent sale at the Arsenal. They are true as steel, and will kill a Cuban, Mexican, or a black Republican, three hundred yards, if well primed and loaded sure, and for sale by June 23, 1860.
John Collins.