The 1860’s was a time of Southern innovation. When we think of technology, oftentimes we consider only the gadgetry that people used to make their lives easier, but we rarely consider the other pleasures in life throughout history, especially when it comes to food and drink. The following article was found in the Daily Gazette & Comet newspaper in Baton ROuge, LA. The article notes how to roast coffee beans to perfection using a “slow oven”:

DAILY GAZETTE & COMET [BATON ROUGE, LA], June 9, 1860, p. 2, c. 4
To Make Good Coffee.—Brown carefully in a slow oven, giving it a finishing touch with a quick fire; but on no account allow a kernel of it to burn. Shut it up immediately in a close canister, lest the aroma escape, and grind it as you require it for use—do not grind it too fine. Mix a coffee-cupfull of ground coffee with an egg, pour over it a quart of boiling water, let it boil fifteen minutes, add half a pint of cold water, and take it from the fire. Removing the cream from a quart of milk, and set the milk over the fire, when it boils, pour the coffee into it; add the cold cream and sweeten to your taste.