This week’s “150 Years Ago…” submission is quite interesting. Found in a Little Rock newspaper in 1860, the subject of the following article, in fact, deals with slaves earning money in Alabama. Printed in Arkansas, the article makes note of the intended audience: the Northerners. Contrary to most everything that we have learned about slavery and about the causes of the Civil War, the Arkansas Toothpick has uncovered several instances that completely contradict common knowledge found in school textbooks.

Please note that the Arkansas Toothpick owner, nor the organization that it is intended to benifit, does not, nor will ever condone the servitude of anyone, however this website has and will continue to expose the institution of slavery for exactly what it was by using ONLY original sources to accomplish this.

[LITTLE ROCK] OLD-LINE DEMOCRAT, April 5, 1860, p. 3, c. 1
Thirteen slaves belonging to Gov. Fitzpatrick of Alabama, recently received $900, the proceeds of cotton raised by them in the odd hours they were allowed by their master to work for themselves.—[Ex.
We do not publish the above for our own benefit, or for the benefit of southerners, for we all know that slaves have time enough given to them to enable them to earn and lay up many dollars yearly, if they are so disposed. But our object is to convince our northern friends that our statements while in the North during the past winter, in relation to slaves having and holding their own earnings, were correct. Indeed, there are thousands of poor white families in the North who would be looked down upon by the slaves of the wealthy planter.

Next week’s “150 Years Ago…” entry will be specific to Arkansas and will show an increase in energy of Arkansans against the North.

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