An unpublished scouting report by Private J.P. Jackman of the 4th Missouri Cavalry to Gen. Marmaduke describing the Union column the day before the battle April 25th. Provided by Mr. Terry Justice from General Marmaduke’s Papers and Letters 1862-1864 from the National Archives.

April 24th, 1864
General. J. S. Marmaduke

Sir, I have scouted both roads, the Camden & Price and Camden & Pine Bluff – from the best information, that train of supplies consisted of about 300 wagons & escort of about 2,500 mostly infantry Ohio & Indiana – A large scout of Cavalry passed up to Princeton last Monday & returned Wednesday with about 250 infantry & four wagons, the whole command ^claimed^ to be reinforcements from the Bluff, it was not the case. A train of 450 wagons passed the road yesterday evening 12 miles from Camden escorted by about 2,000 infantry, 200 cavalry & two (2) pieces of artillery supposed to be going to Pine Bluff after supplies, they had about 1,500 Negroes principally women & children. The train was well closed up, moving up rapidily as possible, then 60 miles from Pine Bluff. If you can send a force to the side the river at any time requird, I can find out of its whereabouts^ on return^ & communicate to you by courier in time to Capture it. The information I give you is reliable, also I have ladies on South roads working for me & will keep me posted, in regard to any movements made by enemy. It is almost impossible to remain in here without being forced out by Yankees. I would like to hear from you as soon as possible if you with me to watch for that train.

Respectfully, J. P. Jackman, Private 4th Mo.
Cavalry in charge Special Detail.