The Last Salute by Tommy McCool

Some people will ask
why we do what we do;
be it done to the Gray or it done to the Blue?
Yesterday he was an unknown soldier;
an old soldier in an unknown grave.
It mattered not the color of his uniform;
be it Gray or Blue.
Someone would walk by and would wonder who;
who were you, where came you and where did you go?
All we could say is “I wish I knew”
Today the cannons still roar;
and the rifles report.
The bugler sounds taps;
and we will march from this hallowed ground;
Behind us a marker to an old soldier;
Gray or Blue?
A tear trickles down a chin;
His flag given to the nearest of kin.
Then gone are the soldiers;
And gone are his kin.
But by and by someone will stop to stare.
At that now no longer;
An unknown soldier lying there.
Be him the Gray or the Blue
His last salute was given today.