Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Sunday 5-1-1864: Skirmishes at Pine Bluff and Lee’s Creek.

Monday 5-2-1864

Tuesday 5-3-1864: Skirmish at Richland Creek

Wednesday 5-4-1864: Skirmish at the Saline River

Thursday 5-5-1864: Skirmish at Richland Creek and a scouting expedition leaves out for Craighead and Lawrence Counties (until the 9th)

Friday 5-6-1984

Saturday 5-7-1864

Sunday 5-8-1864: Skirmishes at Cherokee Bay and at Maysville and Jenkins’ Ferry

Monday 5-9-1864: Skirmish at Eudora Church

Tuesday 5-10-1864: Skirmish at Dardanelle

Wednesday 5-11-1864

Thursday 5-12-1864

Friday 5-13-1864: Skirmishes at Cypress Creek and Spavinaw.

Saturday 5-14-1864

Sunday 5-15-1864: Skirmishes in Dardanelle through the 17th

Monday 5-16-1864

Tuesday 5-17-1864: Scout begins in Northern Arkansas and lasts through the 22nd

Wednesday 5-18-1864: Affair near Searcy and a skirmish at Clarksville

Thursday 5-19-1863: Skirmish at Fayetteville and at Norristown

Friday 5-20-1864: Skirmish at Stony Point

Saturday 5-21-1864: Skirmish at Pine Bluff

Sunday 5-22-1864: Affair near DeValls Bluff

Monday 5-23-1864

Tuesday 5-24-1864: Skirmishes near Little Rock and operations west side of Mississippi River(through June 4)

Wednesday 5-25-1864: Skirmishes at Pikeville and at Buck Horn

Thursday 5-26-1864

Friday 5-27-1864: Skirmish at Leland’s Point at at Princeton

Saturday 5-28-1864: Skirmish at Washington

Sunday 5-29-1864: Skirmish at Salem

Monday 5-30-1864

Tuesday 5-31-1864