Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Tuesday 3-1-1864: Skirmishes at Cedar Glade and near Buffalo City

Wednesday 3-2-1864: Skirmish at Bennet’s Bayou

Thursday 3-3-1864

Friday 3-4-1864

Saturday 3-5-1864

Sunday 3-6-1864: Skirmish at Flink Creek

Monday 3-7-1864

Tuesday 3-8-1864

Wednesday 3-9-1864

Thursday 3-10-1864: Expedition left from Batesville to Wild Haw’s, Strawbetter Creek, Etc. (returned on the 12th)

Friday 3-11-1864

Saturday 3-12-1864

Sunday 3-13-1864: Skirmish at Carrollton; scout from Yellville to Buffalo River (returned on the 26th)

Monday 3-14-1864: Skirmish at Hopewell; First reconstruction Constitution approved. Elections said to have been held by voice votes on the streets of Little Rock. Isaac Murphy elected Unionist Governor and is escorted through the city by U.S. Colored Troops whose “quiet and orderly demeanor” was admired by many onlookers.

Tuesday 3-15-1864: Skirmish at Clarendon; scout from Scout from Batesville to West Point, Grand Glaize, Searcy Landing, etc. (returned on the 21st)

Wednesday 3-16-1864

Thursday 3-17-1864

Friday 3-18-1864: Skirmish at Monticello

Saturday 3-19-1864: Expedition from Rolling Prairie to Batesville, etc. (through 4 Apr)

Sunday 3-20-1864: Skirmishes at Arkadelphia and at Roseville Creek.

Monday 3-21-1864

Tuesday 3-22-1864

Wednesday 3-23-1864: Steele’s Expedition from Little Rock to Camden begins (through 3 May); skirmishes on the Benton Road

Thursday 3-24-1864: Skirmishes on the Benton Road and at Oil Trough Bottom. An Expedition also began on this date from Batesville to Coon Creek, Devil’s Fork, Red River (through the 31st)

Friday 3-25-1864: Skirmishes near the White River; near Rockport, in Van Buren County; and a skirmish at Dover. A scout was sent from Batesville to Fairview- returned on the 26th

Saturday 3-26-1864: Skirmish at Quitman

Sunday 3-27-1864: Skirmish at Ben Brooks’ Mills and at Branchville. Another skirmish at Oil Trough Bottoms bnear Crossroads and a scout was sent to Berryville. Another scout was sent from Pine Bluff to Mount Elba and Longview and returned on the 31st.

Monday 3-28-1864: Skirmishes at Mount Elba and one at Danville

Tuesday 3-29-1864: Skirmishes at Longview and at Arkadelphia as General Steele enters Arkadelphia. There was also a skirmish at Roseville. Scouts were sent from Bellefonte (through April 1)

Wednesday 3-30-1864: Action at Mount Elba and pursuit to Big Creek; skirmishes at Camden and at Longview

Thursday 3-31-1864: Skirmish at Arkadelphia