Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Wednesday 6-1-1864

Thursday 6-2-1864: Skirmish in Columbia

Friday 6-3-1864: Skirmish in Searcy

Saturday 6-4-1864: Scouting mission from Huntersville and CLinton (through the 17th)

Sunday 6-5-1864: Skirmishes at Worthington’s and Sunnyside Landings on Fish Bayou

Monday 6-6-1864: Skirmish at Bealer’s Ferry on the Little Red River and an engagement on Old River Lake, or Lake Chicot, also known as Ditch Bayou Grand Lake, and Grand Village. There was also a skirmish at Wittsburg

Tuesday 6-7-1864: Skirmishes at Walter’s Plantation and at Sunnyside Landing

Wednesday 6-8-1864

Thursday 6-9-1864

Friday 6-10-1864: Skirmish at Lewisburg

Saturday 6-11-1864:

Sunday 6-12-1864

Monday 6-13-1864

Tuesday 6-14-1864

Wednesday 6-15-1864

Thursday 6-16-1864: Skirmish at West Point

Friday 6-17-1864: Skirmish on the Monticello Road near Pine Bluff

Saturday 6-18-1864

Sunday 6-19-1864: Skirmish at Hahn’s Farm near Waldron

Monday 6-20-1864: Scouts from Lewisburg (through the 23rd) and operations on the White River (through the 29t)

Tuesday 6-21-1864

Wednesday 6-22-1864: Skirmish at the White River Station

Thursday 6-23-1864

Friday 6-24-1864: Skirmish near Fayetteville and an engagement on the White River

Saturday 6-25-1864

Sunday 6-26-1864: Actions at Clarendon, St. Charles,and Pikeville. There were also skirmishes at Clarendon on the 26 through the 28th.

Monday 6-27-1864: Skirmish at Clarendon and scout from Brownsville (through the 29th) and a skirmish at Meffleton Lodge

Tuesday 6-28-1864: Skirmish at Clarendon and a skirmish at Meffleton Lodge

Wednesday 6-29-1864:Skirmish at Meffleton Lodge

Thursday 6-30-1864