Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Friday 7-1-1864: Skirmish at Pine Bluff

Saturday 7-2-1864: Skirmish at Searcy Landing

Sunday 7-3-1864

Monday 7-4-1864: Skirmish near Benton

Tuesday 7-5-1864

Wednesday 7-6-1864: Skirmish at Van Buren

Thursday 7-7-1864: Skirmish near Huntersville

Friday 7-8-1864: Skirmish near Little Rock

Saturday 7-9-1864

Sunday 7-10-1864: Skirmish at Petit Jean on the Arkansas River and a skirmish in Montgomery County

Monday 7-11-1864: Skirmish at Caddo Gap

Tuesday 7-12-1864: Skirmish near Brownsville

Wednesday 7-13-1864: Reconnaissance from Pine Bluff and an expedition from Helena to Buck Island on the Mississippi River and a skirmish at Bayou Des Arc (through the 16th)

Thursday 7-14-1864: Skirmishes at Fair’s Mills and at Clarendon. There were also skirmishes on the Benton Road near Little Rock through the 15th)

Friday 7-15-1864

Saturday 7-16-1864

Sunday 7-17-1864

Monday 7-18-1864

Tuesday 7-19-1864: Operations on the White River (through the 25th)

Wednesday 7-20-1864: Skirmish near Maysville

Thursday 7-21-1864

Friday 7-22-1864

Saturday 7-23-1864

Sunday 7-24-1864

Monday 7-25-1864

Tuesday 7-26-1864

Wednesday 7-27-1864

Thursday 7-28-1864

Friday 7-29-1864

Saturday 7-30-1864

Sunday 7-31-1864