Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Friday 4-1-1864: Action at Fitzhugh’s Woods near Augusta and a skirmish at Arkadelphia

Saturday 4-2-1864: Action at Antoine, or Terre Noir Creek and skirmishes at Antoine Creek and Wolf Creek. There was also a skirmish at Okolona the 2nd and 3rd

Sunday 4-3-1864: Skirmish at Okolona; an affair near Clarksville and engagement at Elkins Ferry

Monday 4-4-1864: Enagement at Elkin’s Ferry; action at Roseville, and Charleston

Tuesday 4-5-1864: Skirmish at Whiteley Mills; skirmish, Stone’s Farm; skirmish at Mark’s Mills, and a skirmish at Roseville

Wednesday 4-6-1864: Skirmish on the Little Missouri River, a skirmisg at Piney Mountain, and an action at Pemiscot Bayou. There were also skirmishes in swamps of Little River near Osceola and near Prairie Grove and on Arkansas River

Thursday 4-7-1864: Skirmishes in swamps of Little River near Osceola, skirmishes near Prairie Grove and on Arkansas River, and an action at Rhea’s Mills

Friday 4-8-1864

Saturday 4-9-1864: Actions at Prairie De Ann (April 9-12)

Sunday 4-10-1864

Monday 4-11-1864: Skirmish at Richland Creek

Tuesday 4-12-1864: Action at Van Buren

Wednesday 4-13-1864: Skirmishes at the Spring River near Smithville and at Indian Bay. An action at Moscow. Skirmish at Richland Creek.

Thursday 4-14-1864: Skirmishes at Richland Creek, at White Oak Creek, and at Dutch Mills

Friday 4-15-1864: Skirmish at Roseville and an action at Jenkins’ Ferry. There was also a skirmish at Liberty Post Office

Saturday 4-16-1864: Skirmish at Liberty Post Office and an affair at Osage Branch on the Kings River. There were also skirmishes in Camden from the 16th through the 18th.

Sunday 4-17-1864: Skirmishes at Red Mound and Limestone Valley

Monday 4-18-1864: Engagement at Poison Spring

Tuesday 4-19-1864: Skirmish at Kings River

Wednesday 4-20-1864: Attack on Jacksonport and a skirmish near Camden

Thursday 4-21-1864: Affairs on the Cache River near Cotton Plant through the 22nd

Friday 4-22-1864: Expedition from Jacksonport to Augusta from 22nd through the 24th

Saturday 4-23-1864: Skirmish at Swan Lake

Sunday 4-24-18644: Skirmish near Camden and near Jacksonport

Monday 4-25-1864: Engagement at Marks’ Mill and skirmishes in Moro Bottom through the 26th

Tuesday 4-26-1864: Skirmishes at Mount Elba Ferry and near Little Rock

Wednesday 4-27-1864: Union forces flee Camden

Thursday 4-28-1864: Skirmish near Princeton

Friday 4-29-1864: Skirmish in the Saline Bottoms and on the Ouachita River

Saturday 4-30-1864: Engagement at Jenkins’ Ferry on the Saline River and at Whitmore’s mill.