Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Sunday 6-1-1862

Monday 6-2-1862: Affair at Galloway’s Farm near Jacksonport; Thomas Hindman orders price controls to prevent profiteering.

Tuesday 6-3-1862: General Hindman orders all cotton in the district moved to safety or destroyed. He orders engineers to study means to obstruct the Arkansas and White Rivers.

Wednesday 6-4-1862

Thursday 6-5-1862: Skirmish on the Little Red River

Friday 6-6-1862

Saturday 6-7-1862: Skirmish at Fairview and on the Little Red River

Sunday 6-8-1862: Pike orders most of his forces to Little Rock. Pens a letter to Hindman complaining that it had ruined his command, ruined his defense of the Indian Territory, and broke treaties.

Monday 6-9-1862

Tuesday 6-10-1862: Martial law declared in Pulaski county; start of operations on White River (through 14 Jul)

Wednesday 6-11-1862

Thursday 6-12-1862: Skirmish near Jacksonport and actions at Waddell’s Farm and Indian Creek

Friday 6-13-1862

Saturday 6-14-1862

Sunday 6-15-1862

Monday 6-16-1862

Tuesday 6-17-1862: Engagement at St. Charles on the White River; Scouts from Batesville to Denmark, Fairview,Hitcher’s Ferry, Bush’s Ford; Skirmish at Smithville; and Hindman orders Pike to move his remaining forces to Fort Gibson. Pike complains, moves his forces, but remains behind in Fort McCulloch drilling troops.

Wednesday 6-18-1862

Thursday 6-19-1862: Expedition to Blue Mountain and a Skirmish near Knight’s Cove

Friday 6-20-1862: Arkansas males who have not volunteered may be drafted. Units formed before this date may select their own officers by order of General Hindman.

Saturday 6-21-1862

Sunday 6-22-1862

Monday 6-23-1862: Reconnaissance to Augusta; Monroe County residents warned by Federals that their personal property would be destroyed in retribution for future acts of guerilla warfare.

Tuesday 6-24-1862

Wednesday 6-25-1862: Skirmish, Yellville; General Hindman informs Federal commander in Monroe County that he will continue to employ irregular troops. He warned them to expect retaliation if Federal threats in Monroe County were carried out.

Thursday 6-26-1862

Friday 6-27-1862: Skirmish at Waddell’s Farm and skirmishes at Stewart’s Plantation and Village Creek

Saturday 6-28-1862: Hindman orders an embargo of shipment of provisions east of the Mississippi River.

Sunday 6-29-1862

Monday 6-30-1862: Action at Adam’s Bluff; General Hindman declares martial law across the State. General Pike is outraged. Hindman’s pre-war political foes seize the opportunity to denounce him and lobby for his replacement.