Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Friday 3-1-1861:

Saturday 3-2-1861:

Sunday 3-3-1861:

Monday 3-4-1861: Lincoln’s inaugural address. Union Secession convention members pay $75.00 for the text to be wired to Little Rock. Neither pro-Unionists or pro-Secessionists cared for the speech at all; Arkansas Secession Convention convenes.

Tuesday 3-5-1861: “Test vote” held for Convention chair, pro-Unionists win 40-35. The vote is split geographically between yeoman farmers in the mountainous northwest and planters in the delta.

Wednesday 3-6-1861: Two South Carolina visitors are allowed to speak at the Convention. They stated that since South Carolina was responsible for Arkansas being allowed into the Union, that Arkansas should follow her out of it.

Thursday 3-7-1861:

Friday 3-8-1861: Fire-eaters at the Convention begin to lose patience when every attempt to draw up a secession ordinance is voted down.

Saturday 3-9-1861:

Sunday 3-10-1861:

Monday 3-11-1861: Unionists in good mood, rumor is that Lincoln will evacuate Charleston Forts. Unionists vote to open each session with a prayer. Pro-sessecionists are exasperated.

Tuesday 3-12-1861:

Wednesday 3-13-1861:

Thursday 3-14-1861:

Friday 3-15-1863:

Saturday 3-16-1861:Roll call vote. Secession defeated 39-35. 39 guns are fired at Van Buren in celebration. In the delta meetings are held advocating division of the State. Secessionists manage to get a concession from the convention that would allow a vote of the people.

Sunday 3-17-1861:

Monday 3-18-1861:

Tuesday 3-19-1861:

Wednesday 3-20-1861:

Thursday 3-21-1861:

Friday 3-22-1861:

Saturday 3-23-1861:

Sunday 3-24-1861:

Monday 3-25-1861:

Tuesday 3-26-1861:

Wednesday 3-27-1861:

Thursday 3-28-1861:

Friday 3-29-1861:

Saturday 3-30-1861:

Sunday 3-31-1861: