Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Saturday 6-1-1861: Secession Convention votes not to adjourn. Six members resign and force a quorum call that fails. The Convention is forced to adjourn but announce that they have the ability to reform under certain circumstances. The end of the Convention does not end the internal political strife.

Sunday 6-2-1861:

Monday 6-3-1861:

Tuesday 6-4-1861:

Wednesday 6-5-1861:

Thursday 6-6-1861:

Friday 6-7-1861:

Saturday 6-8-1861:

Sunday 6-9-1861:

Monday 6-10-1861:

Tuesday 6-11-1861:

Wednesday 6-12-1861:

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Saturday 6-15-1861:

Sunday 6-16-1861:

Monday 6-17-1861:

Tuesday 6-18-1861:

Wednesday 6-19-1861:

Thursday 6-20-1861:

Friday 6-21-1861: General Bart Pearce drives General Dandridge McRae from his camp when McRae attempts to swear the State men into Confederate service.

Saturday 6-22-1861:

Sunday 6-23-1861:

Monday 6-24-1861:

Tuesday 6-25-1861: General Hardee ordered to command Arkansas by Confederate Government.

Wednesday 6-26-1861:

Thursday 6-27-1861:

Friday 6-28-1861:

Saturday 6-29-1861: General McCulloch of Texas joins forces with Arkansas troops and issues a call for every man in Arkansas for three years or the war. Arms are requested from Richmond. Arkansas Military board is irritated and issues call for 10,000 men for 12 months scattered all over the State. McCulloch received few troops, the men preferred the idea of 12 months.

Sunday 6-30-1861: