Arkansas Toothpick- The Civil War Hub of Arkansas

Friday 2-1-1861: Governor hears rumor that Federal troops moving up the Arkansas River on steamboat S.H. Tucker. Guns are placed on the Little Rock wharf. Volunteers gather at the wharf to repel the invaders. The rumor is false.

Saturday 2-2-1861:

Sunday 2-3-1861:

Monday 2-4-1861: Large bodies of men arrive on foot and by boat from the delta counties believing that the Governor had called them to seize the arsenal.

Tuesday 2-5-1861: Little Rock city council passes resolution opposing “unauthorized seizure of the arsenal”; Arkansas Senators wire the Governor imploring him to prevent the seizure of the arsenal for the moment.

Wednesday 2-6-1861: Rector, seeking a way out, sends a note to Captain Totten at the Arsenal asking for him to surrender of his own volition.

Thursday 2-7-1861:

Friday 2-8-1861: Captain Totten gives up, turns the Arsenal over to the Governor. Amid great ceremony Totten and his men board ship for St. Louis. The ladies of Little Rock present him with a sword. Totten praises the citizens.

Saturday 2-9-1861:

Sunday 2-10-1861:

Monday 2-11-1861:

Tuesday 2-12-1861: Seizure of U.S. Stores in Pine Bluff

Wednesday 1-13-1861:

Thursday 1-14-1861:

Friday 1-15-1861:

Saturday 1-16-1861:

Sunday 1-17-1861:

Monday 2-18-1861: Special election day. Voters of Arkansas turn down secession 23,626 to 17,927. The voters did approve a secession convention 27,412 to 15,826. 20,000 voters stayed home.

Tuesday 2-19-1861:

Wednesday 2-20-1861:

Thursday 2-21-1861:

Friday 1-22-1861:

Saturday 1-23-1861:

Sunday 1-24-1861:

Monday 1-25-1861:

Tuesday 1-26-1861:

Wednesday 1-27-1861:

Thursday 1-28-1861: